2:00 AM
Born To Kill
In the mid-1970s, fear struck the once carefree college town of Isla Vista near Santa Barbara; bright young women vanished into thin air and hitchhikers were plucked from the streets for the sick satisfaction of a depraved murderer.
3:00 AM
Curious And Unusual Deaths
RATED 18+. A world-record-sized kite kills its creator; a copperhead snake makes a burrow in a full beer barrel, killing the campers who drink the beer; a golfer is killed by one of his clubs.
3:30 AM
Curious And Unusual Deaths
RATED 18+. A student mistakenly dips his gum into a bag of potassium chlorate; a photographer dies from smallpox when the virus is unknowingly released into a building's air vents; a fisherman is electrocuted when a rogue wave hits his boat.
5:00 AM
Final Witness
Young cop, Glenn Turner, dies of strange but natural causes and his grieving wife, Lynn, remarries shortly afterwards; Lynn's second husband, Randy, dies under similar natural circumstances; cops soon learn the terrible truth behind these deaths.