9:00 AM
Crimes That Shook The World
Dennis Nilsen was a prolific serial killer, preying on men throughout London in the 1970s and 80s; insisting he had no control of his actions, he claimed to be in a trance throughout and would wake up to find a dead man in his home.
10:00 AM
Crime To Remember, A
In Queens, New York in 1965, two children are found dead; police are convinced the parents Eddie and Alice Crimmins are guilty; even after two trials, both condemning Alice, it takes years to unravel the mystery.
11:00 AM
Crime To Remember, A
In Michigan between 1967 and 1969, young females from Michigan universities are murdered one by one; the women of Southeastern Michigan are terrified and the police commence a massive hunt for the monster they call the Co-Ed Killer.
12:00 AM
Fbi: Criminal Pursuit
When Robert O'Dubaine is found shot to death, this apparent gangland hit unravels into a tragic case of betrayal that sends the FBI and Chicago police on the hunt for a lethal temptress hoping to elude authorities in the heart of paradise.